At Tangibilia we produce high-quality original artwork, design, and goods at a range of prices. That way our makers can keep making and our customers can enjoy beautiful things every day. 

The idea that has become Tangibilia began several years ago as Amy's secret dream project. During her career in museums, she met friends and colleagues who were remarkably talented artists, but who lacked a realistic outlet for their work. When you're juggling a day job, family, & myriad daily responsibilities, it's hard to make your own creative endeavors viable, even on existing internet sites. What if she could set up a platform for her own work, and help other artists too? And what if we made our work into useful and affordable tangible goods, so everyone could enjoy it, every day?

And so we give you Tangibilia, where all our items are designed or made by independent artists, artisans, and designers.

Some items are handmade (marked with an orange hand icon), while others feature original artwork that is reproduced digitally (think photography or print patterns). We take great time and care in sourcing all our items to ensure we sell high quality goods. We also include lots of product details in our descriptions, so you know exactly what you're buying. Please drop us a line if you have any questions!

As we grow, we will be adding new artists and goods. We will also contribute a portion of our profits back to environmental and educational initiatives (see individual items for specifics). 

Thank you so much for your support. We hope we've made your world more beautiful!