**Please note this important production and shipping information**

  • Items marked with a "handmade" icon usually ship in ship in 1-3 days. 
  • Items without the handmade icon usually require 1 week for production.
  • Free first class shipping for orders $30 and over.
  • If you need to ship faster than USPS first class, please select an expedited option that fits your timeframe. (Expedited shipping is not free.)
  • For domestic delivery by Christmas (US):
    DEC 15: last day to order using first class shipping
    DEC 16: last day to order using priority shipping 
    DEC 20: last day to order using priority mail express shipping
  • Not sure which shipping option to choose? Check the USPS website for options and key cut-off dates.  



Are your items made by hand?
Everything we sell involves handwork in its creation. You'll know an item is entirely handmade when you see an orange handprint icon. Other items are reproductions of original artwork. Either way, we originate our artwork and oversee its production. It's kind of like a farm to table restaurant, but for art.

You talk about multiple artists but I only see one. When will there be more?
We're just starting up and it takes a while to get all the pieces in place. New artists' work will be made available as soon as its ready, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience!

Will different items from the same design collection match?
Yes and no: it depends on the items.
For instance, the Winterberry pattern will look the same on both the large and small pillow sizes. But if you order the Winterberry pattern on a throw pillow and a flour sack towel, they will look slightly different. Why? Because different materials handle ink differently. It's kind of like glossy vs matte photo finishes. Ink on the pillow fabric yields a bright, crisp print. But a towel's purpose is to be absorbent, so it absorbs more ink and yields a softer, more muted print. By contrast, test prints of all our baby items have produced very consistent color and intensity between fabrics, so those items match well.
So what's the verdict? Yes, collection patterns are the same, but some color or intensity variation should be expected depending on materials.

Are your items environmentally friendly?
Caring for our environment is really important to us, so we try to make thoughtful decisions about our merchandise.
Here's what we're doing so far:

    • We sell useful things, and we hope you use them until the wheels fall off.
    • We sell high-quality goods, so they will last a long time.
    • Wherever possible we use environmentally friendly materials, such as sustainably produced paper and non-toxic inks. We hope to move further in this direction as we grow.
    • We try to use minimal packaging, and what we do use is often re-usable or recyclable. 
    • We give back. A percentage of what we earn on some items is donated to environmental or educational initiatives. It's kind of like a bake sale, except you really shouldn't eat our stuff. We hope to cultivate our donation program as we grow!
    • We avoid rush shipping. Yep, we like getting stuff next day too, but it's easier on the environment to use regular postal routes. We do offer express shipping just in case, but we always default to standard shipping. You'll see these options when you checkout.

Do you offer gift wrapping?
All of our products come neatly wrapped in attractive, simple, reusable materials that you can certainly use as part of your gift presentation. We are currently considering whether to offer additional gift wrap options. Stay tuned!


When will I get my order?
The short answer: for domestic (US) orders–in about a week, give or take.
A better answer: It depends on what you ordered, but in general production and processing takes 1–4 days. The day you submit your order is considered Day 0 and the next business day is Day 1.
Shipping usually takes about 2–5 days depending on the shipping method you select. You'll get a tracking number once your order has shipped.
Again, if you need something faster, please let us know and we'll see what we can do. Please note that Tangibilia cannot control the shipping carrier timelines, delivery dates, or delays.

What about during the holiday season?
Please see our holiday FAQ here.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! Production time is the same for domestic and international orders, but international shipping takes a bit longer depending on where you live. You will be able to see shipping specifics during the checkout process.

Will all my stuff arrive together?
Again, it depends on what you order. We group items whenever possible, but some items may be coming to you from different artists or locations so they may not arrive together. Shipping rates are calculated based on item weight (or flat rate if it's cheaper), so you will not pay more if items ship from more than one location.

Do you ever offer free shipping?
Yep! Shipping is free on orders over $200.

What is considered a bulk order and how long will it take to ship?
Orders over $200 are considered bulk orders. Because they take a bit longer to process and prepare, bulk orders typically ship within 5–7 business days.

Can I include a gift message with my order?
Sure! On the checkout page you will see an area where you can enter notes. Please enter your message there and specify the item/s to which it applies. Your message will be included either on the bottom of the packing slip or as a separate note in your package. 

Do prices appear on the packing slip?
Nope! Our packing slips only include item names and quantities.

Do you sell custom and/or wholesale items?
Yes, some items can be customized and many can be purchased wholesale. Please click on "custom and wholesale" in the main menu and send us a note using those forms.



Wait! I've changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?
Yes, if you're quick! You can cancel an order within 1 hour of submitting it. Please use the "contact" form in our main menu to send us a message. Be sure to include your order number and name.

Can I change colors or quantities after I've placed an order?
You cannot change an order once it's been submitted, but don't lose hope! The best thing to do is cancel your original order (within 1 hour of placing it) and place a new order.

Do you accept returns?
Since many of our items are made to order, we do not accept returns unless they are due to a manufacturing defect or damage during shipping. If your item did arrive damaged, we will gladly replace it. Please send us a return request via the "contact" form within 5 days of receiving the damaged item. Be sure to include the order number and item name or description. We will reply via email with a request for a photo of the damaged item before processing the return.

Want more detailed store policy information?

Please follow the link on our checkout page, or click here.


We really hope everyone who shops with us loves their stuff and their experience. If you did not, we are truly sorry. Before you drop a negative review somewhere, please send us a polite note via our "contact" feature so we can make things right. We are a new business, so we anticipate learning as we grow. Your constructive feedback would be a big help! There may be times when we can't give you exactly what you want, but we'd love the chance to try. Thank you!