Amy: what I do

Singular design and custom collaboration:
your story, told together. 

My name is Amy Marks Delaney.

My work is rooted in words and visuals: writing and design.

I take the raw materials of ideas—words, images, objects, humor, research, feelings—and turn them into a tangible experience that can be shared with others.

What does that mean for you? 

You have something you want to say.

You're a small business that needs to tell its story. You're a museum developing a gallery exhibition. Or you're newly engaged and want unique invitations for your big day.

But getting from Point A (your idea) to Point B (communicating it to others) is easier said than done.  

I help you get from A to B. Specific projects vary, but the underlying process is always about communication and creativity. My goal with every project is to come up with a solution that best fits the individual client.

I do small projects, big projects, and everything in between. 

I've worked with individuals, non-profits, and for-profit companies on everything from branding to custom invitations to museum exhibitions. I especially love projects that require original thinking and problem-solving, such as telling the story behind a new business. I also enjoy traditional projects, like designing business cards or invitations, where the challenge is to make them uniquely yours.

And if I don't have a particular skill needed for your project, one of my outstandingly talented collaborators probably does.

It's about you, not me.

My goal is to come up with a finished product you love. It's not about me and my glorious creations. It's about you coming away from our collaboration with the best result for you.

To that end, I like to begin each project with a conversation. I usually ask lots of questions, and I encourage you to do the same. Don't worry, it's ok if you can't answer yet! I just want to understand as much as possible about what you hope to create and what my role will be. Some clients want lots of input from me, while others already have specifics figured out. My job is to help bring your project to life in whatever way is most successful.

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